Every drop that precious and every sip that rich.

Nu by clear Best Natural Mineral Water in India


Soulful Experience

Immerse yourself in a soulful experience as you savour the taste of nature’s elements. Each drop, a testament to untouched purity, awakening a connection to the true essence of nature’s finest gift.


Roof of the World

At NU, we believe in celebrating nature’s unaltered majesty. The Himalayas, often referred to as the “Roof of the World”, stand as a testament to the raw power and untouched grace of Mother Nature

In crafting our “Elements” collection, we’ve drawn inspiration from this extraordinary region’s glaciers, majestic mountains, breathtaking sunrise, black rocks, rich flora and fauna. With each bottle, NU tells a unique story of this majestic region’s untouched wonders.

NU by Clear, with its “Elements from the Roof of the World” collection, is an experience of purity, beauty, and resilience of this picturesque region with every sip. Join us on this journey and embrace the untamed spirit of the Himalayas.

Nu by clear Natural Mineral Water in India

Aqua Master

Naturally unaltered, nature at it’s finest

Natural Mineral Water in India

Glacier Blue

Inspired by the glacial purity of the Himalayan ice.

Best Natural Mineral Water in India

Mystic Mountain

Embark on an expedition to the heart of the Himalayan topography.

Nu Natural Mineral Water in India

Sunrise Splendour

Capture the warm embrace of the first light on the Himalayan horizon

Natural Mineral Water




Flowing from the untouched heartlands of the Himalayas, our mineral water emerges pure and untouched.

Mineral Content​

Mineral Content

Nature's alchemy enriches each drop with a symphony of essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, potassium. Sodium and the elegant embrace of Bi-carbonate bestowing holistic vitality and elevated health upon those who indulge in it.

Harmonious pH

The water's inherent equilibrium gracefully aids in preserving your body's acid-base symphony, fostering wellness from within

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